Tezzz (Not Accepting Delegation)


Rewards Payout Schedule 

Delegation rewards will be paid every cycle. For example:

Cycle 1 – You delegate to Tezzz

Cycle 8 – The Tezos Blockchain assigns your delegation rights to us.

Cycle 14 – Rewards from cycle 8 unfrozen & received.

Cycle 15 – (at latest) – You’re getting paid!

What are our fees?

Our fees is 4.5 %

What is the minimum we accept for delegation?

Minimum : 500 XTZ

Do we pay rewards every cycle?


Over Delegation

If we become over-delegated, we will apply the first-come first-serve principle. In that case you will be able to check on this site whether you qualify for a payout during a given cycle. You can of course change your delegate anytime you want.

Best way to contact?

Simply send an email to tezzz@michshell.net